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Purchasing a home is probably the biggest transaction you'll make in your life. Refinancing a home is also a large transaction. When making a major purchase, you want everything to go right, especially if you finally found your dream home. Purchasing or refinancing a home or taking out an equity line of credit will also influence your finances for many years. If something goes wrong, it could cost thousands of dollars. Retaining a South Carolina real estate attorney to ensure you complete the process gives you a much higher chance of having a smooth closing.


What Can Susan Shipman Miranda Help With?

Depending on who you are buying from or what you plan on doing with the property, a South Carolina residential real estate attorney can help before and during various types of closings, including:

  • Residential purchase closings.

  • Investor closings.

  • Mortgage refinancing.

  • Double closings (when you close on your home and then immediately close on the home you are purchasing).

  • Purchase contracts.

  • Deeds.

  • Second mortgages.

  • Equity line closings.

  • Title searches.

  • Construction loans.

  • Title insurance.

  • Mobile home closings.


Every real estate closing in South Carolina must be handled by an attorney, regardless of whether a commercial or residential property is involved. All borrowers, purchasers, and sellers are entitled to be represented in the transaction by the attorney of their own choosing. 

How a Residential Real Estate Lawyer Can Help

A residential real estate transaction has many parts to it. It is easy to miss part of it, which could end up costing you thousands at closing or after closing. A residential real estate lawyer will ensure that:

  • Your mortgage documents are in order, and you understand them.

  • The deed is correct, including how you hold title.

  • The note is correct.

  • The closing statement accurately reflects your financial obligations.

  • You obtain title insurance for yourself. The mortgage company usually requires its own title insurance, which is a separate policy.

  • Attend the closing with you to ensure all documents related to the closing are properly signed, each party pays the proper closing costs, and the deed is properly transferred.


Once everything is completed at the end of closing, you will receive the keys to your new home.


Contact Shipman Miranda Law LLC

Even if this isn't your first home purchase, you should always have a residential real estate attorney available throughout the transaction and present at the closing. Contact Susan Shipman Miranda at Shipman Miranda Law LLC for all your residential real estate needs.




We are here to help! Give us a call at 864.760.0221 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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