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The Closing Process

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I found a house and I have a signed contract – now what?

Once you have a contract signed by all parties, the contract needs to be sent to the attorney’s office handling the closing. The contract should designate the attorney’s office that will handle the closing.

The contract will also state how much earnest money the buyer needs to deposit, and which office will hold the earnest money in trust. Earnest money is typically held by either the realtor’s office, the attorney for the realtor’s office, or the attorney’s office who will be handling the closing. The earnest money will need to be deposited with the designated office.

Once our office receives a signed contract and a title request from the buyer’s lender, will begin the title search. The title search is performed by a title abstractor who is reviewing the history of the property through the public records available at the Register of Deeds and the Courthouse. A title search can take several weeks to get completed. Once the title search is completed, we review the search and make sure title is clear

Once the buyer’s lender is ready and once we have obtained all the information we need, we can proceed to the closing. The lender and the realtors typically schedule the closing with our office.

What do we need from you for the closing?

We will need to obtain information from the realtors, the buyer and the seller. For your convenience, we have linked the information sheets we will need. Please complete and return to our office.


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